Saturday, October 07, 2006

Return of the Queer, Oh My

Rating: SL

So I was out of the country for a short while, but now I'm back. And while I was out, I had a short short short piece published online in the Wittenburg Door Insider Newsletter. Click the link and look for "Safeguarding God's Children For Dummies."

My grateful thanks to the editors, even though they edited one of the haiku to the point that it is no longer haiku. But as I am, as you know, dear reader, no champion of orthodoxy myself, I have no grounds for complaint.

There were actually four haiku in the original submission; apparently they decided to pass on one of them, I can't think why. Look for the Rejected Sexual Abuse Prevention Haiku in an upcoming post.

Despite this isolated and unprecedented display of squeamishness, The Wittenburg Door continues to be one of the funniest things out there. The print magazine is definitely worth the subscription price.

yours in the struggle,


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